Drinkipoos and Fancy Food

Madame Brussels

Winter Punches

The Madame’s D.D. Cup

At last the Madame has made her own liquor, with an Australian twist! Maidenii, made from local native specimens that mix magic with medicine. Born from Sweet Vermouth and Bombay Gin. Over garnished with all the usual suspects, topped with our housemade Lemonade and Ginger. Get your mouth on her jugs!

When The Madame Met Dick

Dick Bradsell, the creator of the Bramble cocktail has inspired Bombay to craft their very own gin flavour. Thus it’s only fitting that invent a jug creation of Bombay Bramble Gin, Crème de Mure with Orange Juice and Mixed Berries. 

Gin Garden

Gaily clasp your darlings by the hands, and skip merrily together into a jug of our Gin Garden!

With a healthy dosage of Bombay Sapphire Gin, Apple Schnapps, Fresh Lime, Cucumber, Elderflower Cordial, Cloudy Apple Juice and just a hint of Soda, it’ll be sure to freshen your journey down the garden path…

Moscow Mule

A delightful classic, who has stood the test of time and is always ready to be enjoyed. Now, enough about Brussels, let me tell you about the Moscow Mule… Vodka, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer, Angostura Bitters and Mint!

The Lip Smacka

Pucker up for your favorite lip smacking flavors! Delicious pink watermelon with kisses of rosewater and vanilla liqueur. All mixed together with apple juice and lip tingling soda water. Oh, and let's not forget to add a tipple of vodka to this oral sensation to move you from pouting to pashing!

Espresso Martini, Bloody Mary & Sangria

You know what it is…

Playing With Yourself $22

Two Player (serves two) $40

Playing Doubles (serves four) $60

Winter Singles

Not interested in sharing your delights? Sometimes you just want to indulge on your own and we have just the delectable numbers for you…


Bramble Negroni
Bombay Bramble Gin, Campari, Lucano de cavaliere Sweet Vermouth & Peach Bitters

Patron Silver, Amaro Montenegro, St Germain Liqueur with pink grapefruit juice, lemon juice and shredded ginger

Smokey Old Fashion
Glenfiddich Fire and Cane Single malt Scotch with angostura bitters and sugar syrup

Winter Mule
Grey Goose Vodka, Ginger Beer with cranberry syrup, lime juice and mint

Mezcal Passionfruit Margarita
Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, Tromba Tequila, Aubrey passionfruit liqueur
with mango syrup, lime juice and a chilly salted rim


Winter Warmers

The Madame’s Gluhwein

A sexy mulled wine to make you tingle in all your favourite parts. A delicious shiraz warmed with the Madame's magic wand. Paired with Brandy to make your randy & strawberry syrup. Laced with winter spice and sealed with orange peels and cinnamon

Toddy's Flu Shot

Maker's Mark bourbon to numb, honey syrup to soothe, apple juice, orange bitters, fresh lemon juice - Vitamin C for the health - and peach schnapps because well... we're just fancy like that.

Hot Buttered Rum

Bacardi Spiced Rum, Amaro Lucano, honey butter spiced with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg & star anise. What you really want to know is... it's the steamiest, panty dropping drink you'll ever have. Whisper this in a deep voice to your lover "This is a teapot of love".

A Tall Drink of Chocolate

Imagine a sweet, spiced hot milk bath with your lover. Soak in this warm boozy concoction of Vodka, Hazlenut Liqueur & Chocolate Mozart belnded with Chai infused cinnamon syrup, topped with decadent milk and cold drip First Press Espresso

The Amalfi

Sorry Darl, but you're stuck in Melbourne with me. So let me spellbind you to the Amalfi coast with an infusion of Bombay Sapphire Gin, Di Sorrento Limoncello, earl grey tea syrup, cherry bitters and a hint of orange juice. Can you see the breathtaking landscape and blue umbrellas? You can’t… have another sip Darling

We can also make you any cocktail that you wish as a single, provided you enjoy playing with yourself!



Playing With Yourself $22

Two Player (serves two) $40

Playing Doubles (serves four) $60

Don't Drink

Let us make you feel sexy with these little beauties…

Virgin Mary Mother of God! $12

How hot do you like it? Hot or not?

Spicy and racy this virgin . Celery Salt, Mustard, Lemon juice, Cracked Pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Garnished with Cucumber, Chilli and Olives. A meal in a glass.

The Madame’s DD Cup Uncupped $12

Just like the Pimms Number 1 cup but without the booze. Plenty of Vegetables and Fruit bits to keep your diet in check!

Iced Espresso $12

Shaken over ice with condensed milk, moo’s milk and chocolate.

A sweet little number but will get you to the blue light disco!

Blood Orange Spritz $12

Orange Juice, Lemon, Blood Orange syrup & Bitters

Decorated with Basil & Orange wheels.

Passionfruit NOJITO $12

Crushed ice with layers of Passionfruit Pulp, Syrup, Mint and Lime.

We bring you Cuba

The Cultured One $12

Hibiscus Kombucha from 2 Boys Brewing mixed with Blueberry and Violets, topped up with soda and finished with flower and blueberries.

Sans Beer $7.5

Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner YUM smash it!

If you have a flavour profile that you like and it is not listed, just ask and we will create your fantasy.



Every day is a Rosé type of day, darlings…

                                                            Gls       Btl      

Rogers & Rufus                                   $11       $55

Grenache, Barossa, South Australia ‘19

(Also available in a magnum for $90… we like larger!)

Medhurst                                                 $14        $70

Cab Sav & Shiraz, Yarra Valley ‘20

Delicate and bone dry

Whispering Angel                                               $80

Provence, France ‘17



Divici Prosecco                                    $11       $55

Prosecco, Veneto, Italy

Pierre-Marie Chermette Brut                              $90

Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blanc, France

You want French but not the price tag…. This is your friend x


‘It’s not who you know, it’s who you sleep with.’ – Miss Pearls

Taittinger Cuvee Brut 750ml               $20           $130

Taittinger ½ bottle                                                $70

My lover is back!

Charles Heidsieck ‘Charlie’ Brut                      $160

Billecart Salmon Rosé                                       $220

Dom Pérignon 2008                                         $450

Krug Grand Cuvee                                           $450



                                                            Gls      Btl

Kris                                                     $11       $55
Pinot Grigio, Veneto, Italy ‘19 

Giesen “Small Batch”                       $10       $50

Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand ‘18

 Riesling Freak No. 3                          $13       $62

Dry Riesling, Clare Valley, South Australia ‘20

Joseph Drouhin Vaudon                   $16       $80

Petit Chablis, Chablis, France ‘18

Oakridge                                            $12       $60

Chardonnay, Yarra Valley, Victoria ‘18


                                                            Gls      Btl

Delta                                                  $15       $75

Pinot Noir, New Zealand ‘19

When this wine is good it is very very good.

Chateau du Belleverne                                  $62

Beaujolais, France ‘20

Served chilled baby

Shut the Gate                                     $13       $65

Sangiovese, Clare Valley, South Australia ‘16

Harvest                                               $11       $55

Syrah, Northern Adelaide Hills, South Australia ‘17

Frankland Estate                               $12       $60

Cabernet Sauvignon, Frankland River, Western Australia ‘17

Fortified   60ml

Valdespino                                         $10

Pedro Ximenez, Jerez, Spain


Enjoy chilled, with soda, tonic or however you desire

Vermouth 60ml

Noilly Prat Dry                  France                           $11

Lillet Blanc                         France                           $12

Cinzano Extra Dry            Italy                              $9

Cocchi Americano            Italy                              $12

Contratto Bianco               Italy                              $9

Martini Extra Dry              Italy                              $9

Martini Rosso                    Italy                              $9

Maidenii Sweet                  Victoria                         $13


Bitters 45ml

Pimm’s No 1                      England                        $10

Dubonnet                           France                           $9

Amaro Montenegro          Italy                              $12

Amaro Nonino                  Italy                              $14

Aperol                                 Italy                              $10

Campari                              Italy                              $10

Contratto Bitter                 Italy                              $10

Cynar                                   Italy                              $9

Fernet Branca                    Italy                              $12

Martini Reserva Bitter      Italy                              $10

Select Pilla Aperitivo        Italy                              $10

Autonomy Amaro              Victoria                         $10


Absinthe/ Pastis 30ml

Ricard Pastis                      France                           $10

La Fée NV                          France                           $12

Select Spirits

Whiskey/ Whisky


Chivas 18yo                      Blended                   $15

Dewar’s Signature            Blended                   $28

Dewar’s 12                        Blended                   $11

Monkey Shoulder             Blended                   $11

Aberfeldy 12yo                  Highlands                $11

Aberfeldy 21yo                  Highlands                $27

Dalwhinnie 15yo              Highlands                $15

Glenmorangie 10yo          Highlands                $12

Oban 14yo                        Highlands                $18

Royal Brackla 12yo           Highlands                $19

Bowmore 12yo                 Islay                       $15

Laphroaig 10yo                Islay                       $16

Lagavulin 16yo                 Islay                       $20

Talisker 10yo                    Isle of Skye              $14

Glenkinchie 12yo              Lowlands                $15

Aultmore 12yo                  Speyside                   $17

Balvenie 12yo Doublewood    Speyside                   $14

Cragganmore 12yo           Speyside                   $14

Craigellachie 13yo            Speyside                   $19

Glenlivet Founders Reserve     Speyside                   $12

Glenfiddich 12yo              Speyside                   $14

Macallan 12yo Double Cask   Speyside                   $17


Jameson                           Dublin                    $10

Jameson Caskmates         Dublin                    $11


U.S.A and Canada

Canadian Club 12yo         Canada                   $10

Bakers (53.5%)                   Kentucky                 $15

Blantons Private Reserve         Kentucky                 $13

Buffalo Trace                   Kentucky                 $11

Jim Beam Double Oak           Kentucky                 $12

Knob Creek Rye (50%)        Kentucky                 $14

Maker’s Mark                  Kentucky                 $10

Rittenhouse Rye (50%)        Pennsylvania             $14

Jack Daniels                     Tennessee                 $10



963 Yamazakura Red Label    Tohoku                       $16

The Chita                              Aichi                          $18

Select Spirits


42 Below                                   New Zealand           $10

Grey Goose                              France                      $14

Tried & True                           France                      $12

23rd Street Rose                         Adelaide                  $13

666 Autumn Butter                     Tasmania                 $12

Belvedere                                 Poland                     $12


Larrikin Original                        Ballarat                   $13

Larrikin Bush Tucker                 Ballarat                   $15

Bombay Bramble                       England                   $12

Bombay Sapphire                   England                   $10

Chase Pink Grapefruit                 England                   $14

East London Dry                    England                   $11

Pinkster                                    England                   $12

Star of Bombay                        England                   $12

Sipsmith                                   England                   $12

Plymouth Sloe Gin                    England                   $12

Citadelle                                   France                      $12

Four Pillars Rare Dry                Healesville                $13

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz          Healesville                $14

Four Pillars Navy Strength 58%  Healesville                $16

Archie Rose                             Sydney        $13

Never Never Triple Juniper        South Australia        $13

Never Never Sth Strength 52%    South Australia        $15

Great Ocean Rd Guvvos          Victoria                   $12

Great Ocean Rd Split Pt 57%     Victoria                   $15

Ink                                             Tumblegum               $13


Tequila & Mezcal

Cazadores Blanco                      Jalisco                      $10

Tromba Blanco                          Jalisco                      $10

Patron Silver                              Jalisco                      $14

Patron Café XO                         Jalisco                      $13

Don Julio Reposado                   Jalisco                      $14

Don Julio Anejo                        Jalisco                      $16

Del Maguey Vida Mezcal      Oaxaca                    $12



Plantation Original Dark         Barbados                     $11

Plantation Pineapple               Barbados                     $12

Sailor Jerry                             Caribbean                   $10

Bacardi Carta Blanca             Puerto Rico                  $10

Bacardi Carta Oro                 Puerto Rico                  $10

Bacardi Spiced                        Puerto Rico                  $10

Bacardi 8yo                            Puerto Rico                  $12

East London Demerara      Guyana                      $12

Flying Dutchman                Netherlands                 $12

Kraken Black                        Trinidad & Tobago     $11



23rd Street Brandy                 South Australia           $10

Roger Groult Calvados       Normandy                   $13

Delord 1985                           Armagnac                   $15

Hennessy VS                        Cognac                        $12

Remy Martin XO                 Cognac                        $31

Pierre Ferrand 1840              Cognac                        $14

Delamain                               Cognac                        $26

Darling Basil

“Darling Basil let’s take time for a cold  glass of crisp dry white’

“Betty, honey, gay idea….Madame Brussels?”

‘Basil darling, one love”


 Mismatch Lager 4.5%                                       $10

South Australia

 Mismatch Session Ale 4%                                  $11

Adelaide Hills

 Hawkers Pilsner 5%                                          $10


 Hawkers Yuzu & Plum Kettle Sour 7%               $17


 Boatrocker Alpha Queen Pale Ale 4.5%                 $12


 Boatrocker Stout 6.1%                                      $14


 St Andrews Beach Golden Ale 4.6%                  $11


 Sample 3/4 IPA 4.2%                                        $11


 Molly Rose Spotlight El Dorado IPA 6%                $16


 Sample ¾ IPA 4.2%                                          $11


 Weihenstephaner (500ml) Weissbier 5.4%          $17


Cider & Friends

 The Hills Cloudy Apple Cider 5.0%                   $10

Adelaide Hills

 The Hills Apple & Davidson Plum Cider 8%       $13

Adelaide Hills

 The Hills Tropical Sour Cider 8%                       $15

Adelaide Hills

Colonial Brewing Bertie Apple Cider 4.6%           $11

Port Melbourne

Lick Pier Ginger Beer 4%                                  $13

Venice Beach, California

Madam Brussels


Vegetable delights for our foraging friends

Sexy Curried Vegetable Filo Cigars with relish (Four to a serve) You have a choice between the Madame’s saucy $14

Hot and steamy Pumpkin, Leek & Feta party quiches $10.5  (Threesome serve)

Hummus Served with Philippa’s bread and Savoys $14


Cheese,  Please

The Madame’s Rather Fancy Cheese and Crackers. We have just fallen in love again with divine  Australian cheeses.

Triple BrieExtravagant’ from L’Artisan. A cloth Cheddar that’s bitey. Back this up with Berry’s Creek Tarwin Blue and you will be in cheese heaven. Served with Savoys, baguette and other gay things… $28

You may have a slab of Triple Brie all on its own with Savoy’s and bread. You may smear it on your inner thighs, breasts etc…You can have the Cheddar or the Blue, but we know you want the Brie! $15



Yes, we have it! Phillippa's Belgian Chocolate Brownie $5.5

Who doesn’t like a hot Scone oozing with Double Cream and Raspberry Jam (Two to a serve) $8

Do you Fondue? Smooth gay Chocolate Fondue of French 66% cocoa pearls. Served with white marshmallows & strawberries. $20


Nipples… Sorry, Nibbles

Olives marinated in extra gay virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon, bay leaf, chilli, rosemary & thyme. $8

Roasted, Smoked & salted Cashews & Almonds. $8 


Sexy Sandwiches

Our famous Poached Chook, Chive & Mayo toasted sandwich, served with cornichons & Tabasco. $12.5

Double Smoked Ham & Tasty Cheese
toasted baguette with lashings of Dijon, sweet mustard pickle and served with gay cornichons. $12.5


 The Madame’s love of meat

Mother of Pearls’ Sossagé Rolls* with “Dead ‘Orse” (Four to a serve)

*The French translation of ‘sausage’. $14

The Madame’s very own ‘Butch’ Charcuterie Plate. Also known as her ‘MEAT TRAY’.

A selection of the Madame’s favourite meats of the week. Finished with bread & butter pickles, cornichons & baguette. $30