Re-opening in November!

Reservations will go live soon for our re-opening. Until then, please keep an eye on our for updates. 

We look forward to welcoming all of Melbourne back to our rooftop!

Madam Brussels

A Unique Cocktail Bar in Melbourne

Looking to let your hair down in a bar that is fun, unique, and lets you embrace your free willed fantasies? Step into our one-of-a-kind bar, where we entertain our guests with impeccable service and an exciting ambiance.

Madam Brussels

A Tribute to the Madame

Madame Brussels cocktail bar located in Melbourne. We pay tribute to our matriarch, the Madame herself, who was a 19th century Melbourne brothel owner and an entrepreneur who was famed for her sensational attitude and unconventional lifestyle.

Rooftop Terrace Bar

From our signature pink and white cocktail bar to the extravagant decor and the general vibe, we have managed to create an atmosphere for our patrons where they feel comfortable and confident to embrace their fun and flirty side. When it comes to a unique identity, our rooftop terrace bar provides an experience that is distinguished from the run-off-the-mill pubs and bars.

Madam Brussels
Madam Brussels

Rooftop Garden Party

Our extravagant rooftop is a cross between a garden party and a country club bar. Come in to see her jugs of the cocktail variety and indulge in her chook sangas.

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